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Assessment Opens in May 2021

Participate in the largest initiative to improve the readiness of emergency departments (EDs) to care for children in the United States (US)! EDs in all US states and territories are preparing now for the next NPRP online assessment in May 2021. We strongly encourage you to print a copy of the assessment and review it with your ED Nurse Manager or Medical Director. This will familiarize you with the questions that will be asked when you come back to take the assessment online in May, 2021.

You can also explore the links below to access tools and resources to improve your ED's level of pediatric readiness and preparation for the assessment.

Download and print the National Pediatric Readiness Project Assessment.

Children WritingThis PDF version of the assessment will help you to review and work on gaps in pediatric readiness identified for your ED. For more information, contact your State EMS for Children Program Manager.

The following joint policy statement was released in 2018:

Pediatric Readiness in the Emergency Department

This document will help you to better understand the principles that guide pediatric health care systems and improve the health of all children.

Reviewing these guidelines will help to inform your efforts to prepare for the future launch of the National Pediatric Readiness Project assessment.

Kids Reading

Explore the 7 domains of readiness in the National Pediatric Readiness Project Toolkit. This valuable resource is free, open-access, and intended for use by all who provide pediatric emergency care.

Little Girl DoctorFrom the toolkit, you can also download the 2020 ED Checklist. This checklist will help you to evaluate whether your emergency department (ED) has the most critical components listed in the Joint Policy Statement that are also highlighted in the future NPRP assessment.

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Promote and prepare for the future assessment by sharing thoughts, ideas, or asking questions.


Organizations supporting the project are EMSC, ENA, AAP, and ACEP


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For additional help and resources related to Pediatric Readiness, please visit, pediatricreadiness.org.


If you have any questions regarding the NPRP assessment, contact the Pediatric Readiness Assessment Support at pedsready@hsc.utah.edu.